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rp for dr_greghouse_md

John had just come in from mowing the lawn in the backyard. Seemed spring had finally started -- it felt like summer out there. He poured himself a beer and sat down in the living room arm chair, reaching for the newspaper off the end table next to it. There was a note lying on top of the newspaper, from Blythe, explaining that she'd gone out for some groceries and would be back soon.

Next week would be her 70th birthday.

They were planning a celebration for it - nothing big, just a nice meal at one of her favorite restaurant's, lots friends and family. Afterwards, they'd all come back to the house for a while and chat. John's brother Rick would be coming, with his wife. And Blythe's sisters Caroline and Sarah, with their husbands and a handful of of their children, who would be bringing their own families. John smiled at the thought of having so many people around, but felt a twinge of anxiety at the idea of youngsters crawling all over the place for the weekend. He hoped they wouldn't break anything. He remembered the last time he and Blythe had some of their great-nieces and nephews over, they ran all over the house playing a far louder and rowdier game of hide-and-seek than he thought possible.

Even so, it would be nice to have children in the house. Family.

He glanced at the phone. He had tried calling Greg the other day to let him know he had to come down for the party, but hadn't gotten an answer. Blythe had said that she mentioned the possibility of a get-together on her birthday a couple months back on the phone with him, so John figured that Greg should have been aware it was coming up, at least.

He glanced at the clock. He wasn't sure what time Greg would be most likely to be home, but it was a Saturday, so he probably wasn't at work at this time. He took another sip of his beer, then put it down, picking up the phone and dialing Greg's number.
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